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Instagram Threads- Follow the #1 New Trend

If any trendy topic pops up and you like to share your opinion on it you can do it with Instagram threads just as in Twitter.

Then all the communities on Instagram will look at your thread will comment on it and share the opinion of their own on it.

It is a great way to hike your Instagram followers and reach. The character limit on your text is 500 which is more than Twitter

Instagram threads

How to use Instagram Threads- 

As its a new app you all have been wondering how to use Instagram threads. well don`t wait, lets take a look on it-

1. Directly install an Instagram threads app from your app store

2. Or Go to Instagram Settings and choose threads that will redirect you to install Instagram threads

3. You can Import your bio from Instagram super easy

4. You can choose between a public or private profile

5. You can access all your Instagram followers to threads in 1 go!

6. You can control who replies on your thread.

7. You Can Engage with like Share reposting or you can repost your threads quickly on Instagram story or feed.

8. You can Flip the Apps here- Instagram to threads and vice-versa.

Why threads is launched-

Instagram Threads are where groups of people get together to talk about everything from the things that matter to you right now to what will be popular tomorrow. You can follow and connect directly with your favourite creators and other people who like the same things as you. You can also build your own loyal following to share your ideas, views, and creative work with the world.

You can do a few things on Threads…

Instagram Threads brings together communities of people who want to discuss a wide range of topics, from the latest trends to future predictions. It enables you to connect with your favorite creators, find like-minded individuals, and build a loyal following.

Zuckerberg said that “Instagram threads are the way to start a conversation- A Text-based conversation” You can add pictures or videos to your post.

Find out who is following you on Instagram

Your Instagram username and proof badge are set aside for you. Follow the same accounts on Instagram that you already follow with just a few taps. You can also find new accounts to follow.

Tell people what you think

Start a new thread to say what you want to say. You can be yourself here, and you decide who can respond.

Connect with your friends and the artists you like

Jump to the comments to join the conversation and respond to the artists you know and love’s comments, jokes, and insights. Find your group and talk to people who care about the same things you do.

Take charge of the talk

You can change your settings and use controls to decide who can see your content, comment to your threads, or mention you. Accounts you blocked on Instagram will still be blocked here, and we’re still following the same Community Guidelines to make sure everyone can connect in a safe and honest way. 

Find thoughts and ideas.

From TV shows to careers, crowd-sourced talks, thought leaders, and industry experts can help you find answers to your questions or teach you something new.

Instagram Threads has transformed the way we engage in conversations on social media. With its focus on text-based discussions, seamless integration with Instagram, and powerful engagement features, it presents a unique opportunity to express yourself, connect with communities, and grow your reach.

Again its not about the content, Its about how you start conversation! Well Mr. Zukerberg on his way to make people Extrovert!

Get to short story for better understanding

What is Threads in Instagram?


Instagram’s Threads app lets users start conversations, respond to those conversations, and follow accounts that pique their interest. Short pieces of text, links, photographs, videos, or a combination of these can all be included in threads and replies. If someone follows you, they’ll be able to view your threads and replies in their feed and on your profile.

What is thread in social media?

Threads Ads

Connecting Instagram accounts is a breeze with the use of “Threads,” a Meta-created software. There are, however, a few key distinctions between Threads and Instagram. For starters, you can’t send someone a private message. There are no advertisements either yet.

What is the difference between tweet and thread?

Twitter was initially popularized by its restriction of users’ posts to no more than 140 characters. Since then, Twitter has increased that limit to 280 characters, and now, thanks to Twitter Blue, it no longer exists. On the other hand, the maximum character count for a thread is 500. Aside from the restriction on the quantity of messages you may send to one another, there is no other way to text someone anonymously on Threads.

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